20 Years of FINRG

As we all know, FINRG is basically 20 years old now, which means that FINRG is older than some of you ravers out there! It’s perplexing and at the same time really awe inspiring to see what we’ve become through this journey. We’ve had the honour of pioneering the way through for younger generations as the finnish freeform music is one of the reasons why todays harder electronic music sounds the way it sounds.

FINRG has had its 5 year anniversary event, 10th anniversary, 12 Years of FINRG, and 16 Years of FINRG. Can you spot the pattern here?

20 Years Of FINRG will definitely be the most anticipated FINRG event ever. Until the next anniversary, that is.

Well where is the event then? No lineups, no venues, no ads, nothing.

The main reasons things are not yet in motion on the event-production side are quite obvious: because Finnish government cant make a consensus on how to finally get rid of the restrictions, we cant yet have our event. This night will be of such a magnitude that we cant take any risks compromising ticket sales or participation volume.

We will keep you updated on everything regarding our future birthday shenanigans so make sure to visit the site often!

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