FINRG Merchandise store up’n runnin’ again!

FINRG Merch store is now open! We went through some discussions on different distributors for our merch and due to customers not having to deal with customs charges on Spreadshirt in EU region, we decided to publish our FINRG merch over there. Got something to ask from us regarding the merch? Join the FINRG Discord […]

STAMINA X FINRG album ’Portal’ soon launching on all major digital platforms!

If you were not among the lucky ones who managed to catch this highly exclusive set of top tier freeform tracks in its physical form, now is your chance to obtain its contents to your hard drive and playlists! Our sold out Stamina X FINRG double album ’Portal’ is hitting all the digital stores and […]

Local Shenanigans: Proteus – The Final Show with Orkidea, Helsinki

THE FINAL SHOW WILL MOVE TO NEW A DATE BECAUSE COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS IN FINLAND! NEW CONFIRMED DATE IS SATURDAY 17TH DECEMBER 2022! – Already purchased tickets are valid for the new date. – If you cannot come to the new date you can return your ticket to before 1.12.2021. will send you info […]

Local Shenanigans: LaavU 7th Anniversary, Oulu

Local Shenanigans for all the hardheads in Oulu! On jälleen yhdistyksen vuosijuhlien aika! LaavUn synttäreitä vietetään tänäkin vuonna legendaarisessa Nelifemmassa. Ravintolarajoituksista johtuen tapahtuman aikatauluja ja ohjelmaa joudutaan hieman muokkaamaan. Tällä kertaa näitä synttäreitä juhlitaan vain yhden stagen voimin, kun vintillä tuuttaa muun muassa tiukka tekno ja rumpubasso, unohtamatta suloisen suomisaundin sulosävelmiä! ★★ : ::: LINEUP […]

Andy F & Tribos morphed – ”Tribos is the culmination of everything i have experienced so far”

The latest FINRG reinforcement, Tribos has been granted with the power to lead our new techno division. He has recently told the reason for the recent name change from Andy F to Tribos: It’s time to move on. For the past few years I’ve had finally time to think about myself as an artist. I’ve […]

Local shenanigans: Fiktio & Insurrection hosting Proteus last show in Eastern Finland, Joensuu

Joensuu is up for a treat, as Proteus is visiting Kerubi on his last gig on Eastern side of Finland! Finnish info below: Konemusiikki palaa Joensuun tapahtumakartalle lokakuussa historiallisessa mittakaavassa! Loppuvuoden kenties ainoa klubi-tapahtuma on sitäkin merkittävämpi, sillä Joensuuhun saapuu 22.10.2021 jäähyväiskeikalle kotimaisen konemusiikin elävä legenda, Proteus. Proteus – yksi merkittävimpiä suomalaisia konemusiikin artisteja – […]

Proteus launched a new podcast ’Loputon Sekvenssi’

Proteus has launched a new podcast that translates to ’Endless Sequence’, and will focus on the world of electronic music, its history, culture and social phenomena and ideas. The podcast also deals with other topics, but mainly focuses on electronic music. A lot of guests will be seen on the program. Episodes take place every […]

FINRG Forefather Nemes jamming with analog as Sequential Rhythm

We live in a highly digitalized world, but no plugin or software can ever beat proper hardware gear. One of the very early names behind FINRG’s birth was Nemes. Nemes parted FINRG years ago to pursue his techno interests, and has since acquired quite an impressive set of different synths to produce the most authentic […]

Lab 4 – Reformation 2 (Carbon Based Remix) rolling its way through the charts

One of biggest Lab 4 classics of all time gets the remix treatment for 2021. Swerving the usual release method, Hard Trance Europe decided to re-visit the original picture disc concept to make this an extra special release, and something tangible for all lovers of hard trance music, and vinyl. Next up and unleashed digitally […]

20 Years of FINRG

As we all know, FINRG is basically 20 years old now, which means that FINRG is older than some of you ravers out there! It’s perplexing and at the same time really awe inspiring to see what we’ve become through this journey. We’ve had the honour of pioneering the way through for younger generations as […]

Decion X Horzi ’You’re Not Special’ – The new sound of FINRG

Decion and Horzi are working on a collab with Horzi shredding the guitar while Decion is taking care of the rest. ’You’re Not Special’ is a dangerous trip to psychedelic hard trance infused with live guitar and provoking vocal sample. This cynical sounding piece of relentless energy condensates into an overwhelming arp lead followed by […]

Ephexis ’Smart Bomb’ – A journey through the kosmos

Ephexis has a great aftermovie-like video from their psytrance track ’Smart Bomb’ on the world renowned Kosmos Festival in Finland! Did you know that FINRG co-hosts Kosmos Festivals hard stage ’Levitation Station’ every year? Well now you know! Be sure to look up for this absolutely unique festival experience in the best parts of Finland, […]

Alek Szahala featured on Sound of Scenesat Volume 6

Alek Szahala has his latest Paokala composition Ten Thousand Homeworlds featured on Sound of SceneSat Vol. 6

Massive flow of new music by Proteus

Proteus has made his comeback to the studio. He has released over 10 singles during the past couple of years with heavy influence to his roots. His recent 11 minute trance song ‘You Break Above The Waves’ has been composed in memory of his father. Out now on Pure Trance You can find more of […]

One from the vault: Marusha – Deep (Pain on Creation Remix)

You heard it right. Marusha’s legendary ’Deep’ track has fallen into the hands of Pain on creation, and the end result is as traditional as FINRG ever gets!

Alchemiist & Decion on FutureProof Singles Series 13

”The Boys” Alchemiist & Decion has made their first collabs back in 2009 with releases under different Hard NRG labels like Orrible Noize and Raw Power Recordings, but for now for the first time they’ve released INDIVIDUAL Alchemiist & Decion tracks on FutureProof Sounds. While Alchemiist maintains the traditional ”Filthy” side of Hard NRG with […]

Substanced conquering new territories with his Oakly -alias

Former FINRG label manager Substanced taking a step back from Freeform but remains productive as always in the studio under his promising Drum’n Bass & Neurofunk alias Oakly and his brand new label Breaking Point DNB. Janne comments the decision on his Substanced fb page: ”Like you have probably noticed, I haven’t been so active […]

YleX & Orion – XmiX: Decion

Decion showcasing his upcoming tracks with his XmiX on DJ Orion’s Radio show on YleX! Listen to the whole show at Yle Areena

FINRG ❤️ Discogs

As an old label, maintaining 20 years of releases is a hell of a job. When we were planning renewing back in 2020, one of the key elements that popped out was easy content creation and automated data processes. Thanks to our fans and record hoarders, our Discogs catalogue is pure worth of gold […]