What the hell is FINRG?

FINRG Recordings (shorter FINRG) is Finland based label and artist collective focused on harder edge of electronic dance music. For over 20 years now, FINRG has been one of the key players both local and international scene entertaining thousands of ravers all over the world. Our main functions are releasing widespread variety of top class music over the genre borders as well as produce high quality events.

FINRG is owned and operated by it’s artists, a forward thinking group of people who share the same passion and enthusiasm as our fans.

From this site, you’ll find all you need. Artists, events, releases and contact details to send us a your demo for example.

We gladly welcome you to enter the world of FINRG!

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Record label

We continuously release new music. If you’re fan of Freeform, Hard Dance, Psy-trance or Techno, you’ll find what you’re looking for here!

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High quality events are our trademark! We try to bring you every time a night to remember with both international and local artists, performers and top of the line event production technology.

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Collective of Artists

FINRG is owned by artists and ran by artists. We are committed and united group supporting each other.

Hot right now:

YleX & Orion – XmiX: Decion

Decion showcasing his upcoming tracks with his XmiX on DJ Orion’s Radio show on YleX! Listen to the whole show at Yle Areena

Local Shenanigans: Proteus – The Final Show with Orkidea, Helsinki

THE FINAL SHOW WILL MOVE TO NEW A DATE BECAUSE COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS IN FINLAND! NEW CONFIRMED DATE IS SATURDAY 17TH DECEMBER 2022! – Already purchased tickets are valid for the new date. – If you cannot come to the new date you can return your ticket to Lippu.fi before 1.12.2021. Lippu.fi will send you info […]

Carbon Based & RX featured on the next episode of ’Endless Sequence’ By Proteus

Carbon Based and RX are featured on the first part of FINRG Recordings show on Endless Sequence podcast. The episode is about the early years of the FINRG as well as the music and history of Carbon Based and DJ RX themselves. The second part of FINRG episode will be aired later with different guests. […]

FINRG Merchandise store up’n runnin’ again!

FINRG Merch store is now open! We went through some discussions on different distributors for our merch and due to customers not having to deal with customs charges on Spreadshirt in EU region, we decided to publish our FINRG merch over there. Got something to ask from us regarding the merch? Join the FINRG Discord […]

Got Freeform, Techno, Psy-trance or something else?

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