Kimon Kukulis, who moved to Finland from Greece in 1991, became interested in electronic music when he was still rather young. He started producing his first tracks around 1997, producing different varieties of break-pop until he heard mixtapes made by DJ Neon.

– ”They just hit me in a way that my bpm went from 125 to 175”. After a few changes he found ’his own thing’ and started using the artist name Nomic. His style became what he has always loved most in music. Nomic’s music is easiest to recognize from the energy, melancholic melodies and powerful crescendos.

– ”I don’t like the idea that every sound in a track is easily to discern. Something new should be left for those who listen to the song more than once.”

– ”In creating electronic music, I especially like the freedom in it. You can, for example, turn on the light and use the sound of the switch in a drum loop.”

– ”In others’ music I appreciate originality, the way how some artists abandon familiar formats and create something unique. Another important thing is how the track touches the listener. If it makes a contact, then in my opinion it is a splendid track.


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