Ville Petteri Sorsa is a Finnish music producer and sound designer. Sorsa is one of the founding members of FINRG Recordings, where he worked as both a recording artist as well as artist and repertoire representative from 2003-2010. He has released music under the artist name DJ Rx and as part of the Lahti-based Carbon Based hard dance collective. Under the name DJ Rx Sorsa became internationally known as a hard dance and drum and bass disc jockey and producer. Sorsa, together with Carbon Based, Proteus and Alek Száhala, were among the key members and developers of Finnish hard dance music, subsequently dubbed as FINRG. Sorsa produced music for several English record companies as well as FINRG Recordings. He also toured at Finland’s largest clubs and electronic music festivals, as well as abroad, e.g. in Europe and Australia.
Sorsa trained as a music producer at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, where he graduated as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts in the spring of 2010. After an active music career, Sorsa has mainly focused on post-production work. His most notable work includes Control, published in 2019. The game received excellent reviews and was awarded, among other things, IGN Game of the Year and the Game Developers Choice Awards 20th Annual Best Audio Awards. In addition to games, Sorsa has worked in the radio, television and film industries. Sorsa currently works as a Audio Lead for Remedy Entertainment.


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