Juho Pirhonen better known as Decion is a true grit behind the decks and an authentic DJ from the northern edge of Europe, Finland. Decion has pushed the Finnish underground Hard Dance scene onwards since 2007 and is the current the label manager of FINRG Recordings. Decion has shared the same decks with countless top notch DJs around the world on many major events in Finland like Kosmos Festival, FINRG, Future Energy Festival, Utopia Festival, Beach Fest etc. so he can surely claim he has reached whatever it was he dreamed of when he started to play records on his bedroom in 2005.

Despite digital DJ equipment has made playing music much more diverse and synchronized, Decion has gained his skills through traditional ways like beatmatching. He has honed his mixing more than a half of his lifetime so when it comes to playing records, he can transform the simple process of putting a track after another into a beautiful craftmanship and create an impressive impact of emotions.

After around 15 years of playing records, he finally started to craft his own sound. His music is infused with psychedelic sound-design and molded together with elements from Hard NRG and Trance. He finishes his creations with deep and atmospheric melodies, creating energetic, pumping underground club music to all the people out there who love their music delivered aggressively through their minds and straight into their hearts.

”Decion is very nu-energy, psy trancey, freeform kind of dance music. Relentless and forward-motion sound” -DJ Amber D

He also forms another alias with his fiancé called D&J, which concentrates on event organization focusing on leaving the ego at the door so everyone can feel welcome and unique regardless of where they come from or who they are.

With his unique sound, confidence on the stage and the expertise he’s gained, Decion has everything required to put on a good show.


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