Decion is the current label manager of FINRG Recordings, who has been ambitiously carving his own path since 2007. His journey on becoming the artist and person he is today has been significant.

Born into a musical family where his father was a singer on national TV shows during the 70s and 80s, Juho’s love for music was instilled at a young age. However, His life started to revolve more into electronic music after discovering the role of a DJ when he was just a small kid.

Instead of paying attention at school, he would spend his days posting mixtapes online, putting up event posters all around town, and organizing rave events all even before reaching legal age. These early experiences shaped him into an innovative thinking artist who exudes an aura of authenticity and philosophical approach to both music and life itself.

When it comes to pefrorming, his shows are not about taking the listeners on a journey; rather, he captivates his audience with an unyielding torrent of pure energy. Driven by an intense ardor for music, Decion has developed a unique sound that fuses harmonious compositions with ominous soundscapes, yielding a distorted yet heartening blend of high-energy rave music that provides a ray of hope to this world.

Join Decion on his quest to deliver an electrifying musical experience that will invigorate your spirit, while he maintains the forgotten role of a DJ, to remind the industry of what true artistry really means.


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