Tuomas Lehtonen, better known as Damus, is an electronic music producer/DJ who resides in Tampere, Finland. At 10 years old he fell in love with electronic music, when he first heard Prodigy from his older brother and that was just the tip of the iceberg as he soon found himself listening to gabber, trance hardstyle, hard dance etc.. After years of enjoying the wide range of different genres, he grew fond of trance music and soon began searching online for instructions on how to start producing music. 5 years of on-off-tinkering with Ableton he decided to get his sh*t together and in 2019 released his first track Caleva on Pegasus Music which only few days after was played and supported on the Finnish national radio YleX, hosted by Finland’s own Pete Tong – DJ Orion.

During the spring of 2019, Damus made a record deal on a very high quality German record label State Control Records on which he released two tracks, Andromeda and Renegade which also were played on YleX by DJ Orion and supported by DJs like Manuel Le Saux on his radioshow. With lots more releases in his pocket the goal for him isn’t fame or money, the goal is to take the listener on a ride where they can forget all their problems and just enjoy the music.


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