Carbon Based

Best known for their highly energetic appearances, Carbon Based leaves no one cold when it comes to Live PAs. For the last 25 years, Carbon Based has been one of the key artists in both local and international Freeform scene. They have performed in most of Finland’s popular events like Kosmos Festival, Laserpoint, Konemetsä, Säde, Innowation plus over 100 other events. The Group has entertained international ravers by touring in Australia and United Kingdom.

Carbon Based’s style is Finnish Freeform. Their catalogue covers releases from labels like FINRG, Electronica Exposed and Nu-Energy to name a few and remixes for artists like Lab-4, Substanced, Korpiklaani to name a few.

Group composition is 4 members, Toni Eronen (Big Mistake), Ville Sorsa (Dj Rx), Petteri Kääpä and Teemu Lahtinen (Dj Drumhead, Arttu303).


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