Local Shenanigans: Neonya Party Halloween, Helsinki

Halloween is coming up with expected Halloween themed events on the loose!

Neonya is an interesting and notable concept focusing on bringing the Tokyo hardcore scene towards Finland with UK hardcore, Hardtek, Melodic frenchcore and everything in between in this high quality event at Tiivistämö, Helsinki.

DISCLAIMER: This event is not hosted by FINRG Recordings and the event info is listed on FINRG Recordings website for promotional use only! Any questions regarding other than FINRG events listed on the site should be accorded to the organizer at hand!

Event Info grabbed from Facebook below

Neonya!! Party Halloween
30.10.2021 Tiivistämö, Helsinki
K-18, 21:00 – 04:00

Super Early Bird 16,50€
Early Bird 20€
Regular price 25€
(prices incl. Tiketti service fee)

The hyperiest Halloween rave is here! Neonya!! Party brings you the fast and furious sounds of the Tokyo hardcore rave scene blended with a good amount of UK hardcore, melodic frenchcore and other styles that will keep your glowsticks in the air all night long!


TANUKICHI (JP/CZ) – First show in Finland!
NEODASH ZEROX (NL) – First show in Finland!

▅ ▆ ▇ █ TOKYO HARD SOUND STAGE █ ▇ ▆ ▅


World renowned Japanese hardtek and frenchcore producer Tanukichi plays his first ever show in Finland this Halloween! Co-founder of Hardtek.jp and ex-Street Fighter 2 champion. After becoming the
champion at the age of 10, he started to play the guitar with his father. Between the age of 15 and
20, he became a walking menace of a guitarist in the local Hardcore metal bands. With the multitude
of distortion beat wave sounds, he began to focus more on the Electronic music thrills. As he
experienced free parties he discovered techno sounds. Pure bass vibrations hit him right through the

In 2006, he went to his first Teknival in Japan with his friend Ndendeki and met Mat Weasel Busters.
He was immensely impressed with the wicked sounds of Mat, which triggered a spark of inspiration
within his soul and he started making his own liveset & music. Tanukichi’s sound is packed with ultra
sonic kicks and big bass, as well as the many wonky Japanese soups and the strong breaks of Wasabi.
In 2011, he decided to move to Europe to explore his outer realms and found along the way a life of
music with the Yes papa crew like Mat Weasel, Keygen Kaotic, MSD, Dr Looney and Suburbass.

Today he has been playing all over Europe, including France (Electrobotik Invasion), UK (Glastonbury
Festival, Boomtown Fair, Balter Festival), Spain (Selvatek), Italy, Belgium, Japan(Fuji Rock Festival),
Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic (X-Massacre, Beats for Love) …etc

In 2016, he founded a label called Hardtek.jp in Tokyo together with DJ Sharpnel, in order to
bring all the best hardtek music from Europe to Japan and connect the cultures. Soon after, this label
and his Japanese crew became a bridge of the hard music scenes between Japan and all over the




Neodash Zerox is an artist from The Netherlands and, according to DJ Sharpnel, the man who coined the term ”J-Core”. He is the host of several music livestreams like weekly J-Core Life, Legends Of Terror and Gabberdisco Night Live, as well as a co-founder of the Deshima Sounds collective. During his sixteen years as a DJ he has been a huge force in promoting Japanese club music across the Central Europe. His latest release ”Nihongo Hardbass” was produced in collaboration with legendary Japanese speed- and hardcore producer RoughSketch.

Because he is freestyle oriented, anything could happen during his set. What does he have in store for Neonya? Come and find out!



Project Red is a melodic frenchcore producer from Finland. He started his musical journey from zero knowledge in the August of 2019. Despite being a new face in the game, he has already landed his feet tightly within the melodic frenchcore scene. With numerous releases under his belt, he has made people dance all around the world. Tighten up your sneakers and get ready to lose yourself into his high BPM melodic madness, THIS IS PROJECT RED!



Rising hardcore producer and DJ from Finland, NEKA is known for his energetic sets that mix the funkiest gabber to the rawest hardcore beats from Japan.


SadeN plays what could be described as a reckless mix of the fastest club sounds from Japan – Ranging from fast hardcore to speedcore and all the way to the extra hard levels of rhythm game tracks. Her sets take the dancefloor by surprise, so be ready and expect the unexpected.


Coming from a background in industrial music, Hexexen discovered J-Core in 2015 and has since been dropping the hyperactive beats at various cons and club events. When parties weren’t available last year, he played on several online festivals including Mogra’s own DJ Evangelion’s two Super Off! events that featured DJ’s from all around the globe.



Tracid Voyager is a Tampere-based DJ known mainly for his 1999 and A State of Mind mix series. He likes to play energetic genres that feature uplifting euphoric melodies such as turn of the millennium Trance, UK/Happy Hardcore classics and various Hard Dance genres. In this party he’s going to kick off the party with a Happy Hardcore classics set!


The second stage presents a wide selection of Japanese club music from trance to game- and anime music remixes, anison classics, synthwave and various other genres – Something that’s rarely been played in Finnish clubs. More information TBA!









► The event will comply with all health and safety regulations that will be in place on October 30th. We will keep you updated about the possible changes.

► Age limit is 18 – Be prepared to show an valid ID at the door

► No outside drinks or food at the venue

► You are requested to present a valid ticket at the door – Get your ticket only from official and reliable sources to avoid scammers

See you on Halloween!