The long awaited FINRG events are finally here!

16 Years Of FINRG

FINRG Recordings – (Spelled fin-er-zi), a label that has pioneered its way through the early stages of underground dance music since its first release came out in 2002 and carved its legend into the ravers’ hearts and minds. FINRG’s ethos is based on Finnish national epic Kalevala, which is the driving force to describe the dark and cold feel of the music and artists we represent.

The first FINRG Tour back in 2003 included three events. It was also the first time when the FINRG Collective was introduced and now after 20 Years of releasing music and organizing events, FINRG has established its position in the industry as a label with one of the most prolific back catalogues in the history of Hard Dance and thus become the godfathers of Finnish electronic music scene. A legion of extraordinary gentlemen who works as an observing big brother and a trendsetter to our future generations of Djs and ravers.

After testing the waters on Joensuu Label Night and Kosmos Festival, we thought its a good damn time to blow off the dust from the decrepit bandwagon and hit the road again to show the youngsters how us millennials partied in the 2000’s!

All tour dates, tickets, lineups, competition winners and the rest of the appropriate shenanigans will be announced soon! Join the legacy on our first stop at Pori, Finland

This is our legacy, this is FINRG.