Andy F & Tribos morphed – ”Tribos is the culmination of everything i have experienced so far”

The latest FINRG reinforcement, Tribos has been granted with the power to lead our new techno division. He has recently told the reason for the recent name change from Andy F to Tribos:

It’s time to move on. For the past few years I’ve had finally time to think about myself as an artist. I’ve struggled with my stage name since the beginning, as I just had to come up with some name and start playing music when people started asking me to play gigs. So I started playing and I played over 1800 gigs with a name I didn’t feel comfortable with. And on top of that I also played so many different kinds of gigs it started to give me too much pressure. It felt like people were expecting so many different things from me and some of those things were just too different to fit under the same name. And now after all these years it also started to feel like the music i played in my early days just didn’t inspire me the same way as before. So when Covid-19 hit the world and everything was shut down, I also sat down and started to make music. It was one night then when I was hanging with my good friend and he came up with a new idea, and he suggested me a new alias: Tribos. That instantly felt like the right choice and it also felt like it fits perfectly for the music I’m making. First I was a little nervous what would happen if I change my name after all these years because after all I’ve build myself quite a reputation that has taken me all the way to the big festival stages. But then i realized it’s the only way, freedom is more important than fulfilling other peoples expectations. And in the end nothing really changes, I’m still the same DJ and the same guy with the same attitude. But perhaps with a little more mature approach to things, hopefully. 😃 The biggest change besides the name is that I won’t be focusing on hard dance music as much as I did before. But if you are still interested in booking me as Andy F, I will gladly play hard dance gigs so just ask. 🙂

Tribos is the culmination of everything i have experienced so far and most of all it’s a celebration of Northern Finland’s techno, acid and trance culture. I’ve gained so much from here, all my friends and all those experiences have chanced me and made me a better person. I’ve grown to be a techno romantic who respects the ideology of rave culture above everything. I’ve always been this person but it just took me a lot of time to finally realize that and a lot of courage to fully express that. Freedom is the only way and I’ve always aimed to make events and play gigs that offer people a place where they can be free of all expectations and just be themselves. That is what I am as person and that is what Tribos represents as an artist.
Thanks for everyone for all the support in these years. From now on the journey only just gets better. ❤

Tribos is the final destination of Antti Kitkala, Finnish DJ and Producer who has wandered through different times and spaces under different aliases. Now melting it all together to compose sounds that draw inspiration from Northern Finland’s techno, trance and acid culture, standing for freedom of expression – with no musical limitations.

Along with the title of A&R Coordinator on FINRG’s Techno section, Antti is one of the co-founders of LaavU and also promoting Hypno club nights.